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A new gaming company from the far far-away Galaxy.

Determined to offer the best and edgy gaming experience to all gamers and of course, non-gamers, Hybrid Pirates Inc assembled an army of gaming industry veterans.

And the sailing starts here, aiming the vast sea of hyper-casual, casual, mid-core especially the social casino genre, any type of games can bring you joyful moments.

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Hybrid Pirates INC



DENVER, CO 80205

Email: biz@hybridpiratesinc.cc


Game Screens


Next Big Project

In the creation process of our games, we get inspired from the timeless, fast-paced and innovative environment of Silicon Valley. Our main goal is to be able to reach all the game players from all over the globe and let them have fun whenever they need!

With your excellent idea, we can create thousands more big project next in pipeline.

Stay tuned, and have fun